The focus of this book is the motivations behind the most controversial person of all time – Jesus Christ. He is the most talked and written about person by religious people in every age. Furthermore, He is the most attested to by historians, including those who lived during his lifetime. So then why is even his existence in question?

One reason for this phenomena could be the incredible moral teaching set forth by a man who proclaimed all men to be evil and unacceptable to God.

Most cultures in history have had no problem finding other people worthy of death in order to take their possessions, thus wars because of racial prejudice. Only Jesus proclaimed all men to be equal with regards to their moral condition, and thus eliminating the justification for prejudice.

In every book ever written man is viewed as primarily good. Certainly evil is identified in most cultures but nowhere near with the pinpoint accuracy of Jesus Christ. Just read the sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). Never are all men said to be evil by any author, but Jesus announced that even the good that men do, apart from salvation through Him, is done with hypocritical motives.

Finally, Jesus Christ testified that He was going to give Himself as a sacrifice, so that men who believe in Him could be forgiven for their sins. His death has been corroborated by credible eye witness accounts. Such is the opinion of J. Warner Wallace an expert homicide detective, and specifically of Cold Case files. You can read his story of how he went from unbelief to believer in COLD – CASE CHRISTIANITY.

THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW is my attempt to give a Biblically accurate account of Jesus Christ as described in God’s word. The primary focus of this book is the motivation, character, integrity, and reasons for the life Christ lived and the message He proclaimed. If you are interested in an eternal perspective, and you would like to know the reason for suffering and evil in the world, then I suggest you read THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW.


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