One very important part of victory in spiritual warfare is prayer, and nothing makes prayer more powerful than a sense of urgency and need.


How do you pray? Do you find it easier to pray when you are in serious trouble? Does a deep sense of urgency fill your prayers with passion and faith? If your sense of need motivates you to pray fervently, then you are a lot like me. The year was 1990; it was clearly one … Continue reading A CALL FOR HELP


The movie WAR ROOM properly sets the stage for the greatest war of every age, which is not among men but between the people of God and demon spirits.  The overwhelming content of the movie is not demons but the conflicts that arise as a result of sin, as it should be.  Sin is far … Continue reading WAR ROOM


In a world such as ours, the question of who is in charge enters every conceivable arena of life.  For thousands of years tyrants have contrived to rule over all the world, but God has destined that only one man should rule all the world and His name is Jesus.  For 3 years the disciples … Continue reading A LESSON IN LEADERSHIP

Victorious Faith Part I

The New Testament sets forth two primary teachings, the glory of God and the holiness that God desires for man; get the glory of God right and you get the holiness that God desires for man right. When a person receives these two teachings for what they are, true and life changing, and turns from … Continue reading Victorious Faith Part I

Do not Open the Door

It is harder to get the devil out once you let him in, than to keep him out, with this thought in mind let us consider the words of the apostle Paul. “Do you not know, that to whom you yield yourselves slaves to obey, his slaves you are to whom you obey; whether of … Continue reading Do not Open the Door