About G I

To all readers,

So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. 1 Corinthians 1:7

The prophet of God like the craftsmen’s tool is of no consequnece in the building of the church. God chose to make and use tools but God does not need tools. From nothing God made all things. In His grace He decided to bless men by allowing them to take part in carrying out His eternal plan.

Men can plant seeds but only God can make them grow.

May you find in the reading of these Blogs that God gets all the glory for the work He is doing in building His church.

In the Grip of His Grace,

Joe Durso

2 comments on “About G I

  1. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. All the best to you


  2. Likewise. I do hope that God blesses you in everything you do.


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